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Badminton has been part of the Olympic Games since Barcelona 1992. The London Olympic Games is an opportunity to showcase badminton in a country where the sport is widely played at all levels. There are 172 badminton players (86 men and 86 women) from more than 50 countries competing in badminton in the  Summer Games. 

London - Olympic Games 2012
Badminton will be held from  Saturday 28 July  to  Sunday 05 August 2012 with competition taking place at Wembley Arena in five categories – Men’s Singles (40 players), Women’s Singles (46 players), Men’s doubles (16 pairs), Women’s doubles (16 pairs) and Mixed doubles (16 pairs).
Dates: Saturday 28 July - Sunday 5th August
Revised Schedule of play approved by the referee 27 July 2012
Please be informed that  further to the  Team Managers Meeting we have realized that the original schedule did not fully follow BWF General Competition Regulation 16.4 regarding the correct sequence of matches.   A revised playing schedule is linked  below
Olympic Games Draw (updated on 23 July 2012, 11:45am London/GMT time)
Olympic Games Qualifers updated 16 July 2012
Total number of NOC's represented
London Olympics logoIOC Code of Ethics
Please find enclosed important information from IOC Ethics Commission of Rules Associated with betting linked to the LONDON 2012 Olympic Games including any form of cheating the results of Olympic competitions in the context of betting
Anti Doping and TUE Information.
All badminton players going to London for the Olympic Games will come under the jurisdiction of the Internationl Olympic Committe Anti- Doping rules applicable to the Games of the XXX Olympiad.  (linked here)
These Anti-Doping Rules apply from date of the opening of the Olympic village (16 July 2012) up until, and including, the day of the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games (12 August 2012)
See these important links fro more information:
Key Dates:
  • Draw Date: 23 July at 10am in the main press centre .
  • Draw Rehearsal : 22 July 2012
  • Team Managers/ITO meeting : 26 July 2012
Practice Request
The attached form should be completed electronically, and returned to by Friday 29th June 2012.

Technical officials :
  • Referee: Torsten Berg (DEN)
  • Deputies : Dennis Li (HKG) 
                        : Charlottee Ackerman ( USA)
                         :Jane Wheatley (AUS)
  • Other List of Technical Officials
Medical Doctors:
  • Dr. Martin Falstrom (SWE)
  • Dr. Carmen Yahja (INA)
Qualification System in Detail
The BWF ranking list of 3 May 2012 will be used to allocate qualifing places until a total of 38 places in  each singles event and 16 places(pairs) in each doubles event including  the requirements of Regulations 3.3.1 to 3.3.14 .Read more on Olympic qualifying regulations.
 Method of competition
The Competition shall be played on two stages - Group Play and Knock -Out stages. Read more on Regulations Badminton competiton updated 24 April 2012

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