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12th World University Badminton Championship: Kai Wen stuns Pablo Abian to claim Men’s Singles title

12th World University Badminton Championship: Kai Wen stuns Pablo Abian to claim Men’s Singles title
China’s impressive shuttler Kai Wen lived up to the expectations as he showed great performance and bagged Men’s Singles title after taming his higher ranked rival Pablo Abian of Spain in final encounter of 12th World University Badminton Championship 2012 in Korea, on Sunday, November 11.
The incredible Wen, who was the second seed in the main draw of the championship, showed an impressive performance in all of his matches and stunned the top seeded Abian in a completely controlled and authoritative fashion.
Wen was at the top of his form as he did not let his rival to put up strong show at any stage in the contest and remained successful in winning the match in straight games with a stunning margin on the board.
On the contrary, the top seeded Abian could not show his impressive craft as he was shocked with the amazing speed and control of his Chinese opponent. He lost the match with a humiliating margin in just 32 minutes.
From the opening stage in the first game, Wen showed a wonderful speed on court as he took over the control of rallies from his opponent and pushed him on back foot.
The speed of the rallies was amazing as Wen took the bird early from all areas of court and remained dominant in the arena.
Until the break in opening set, Wen remained ahead of his Spanish rival and set up a convincing lead.
After the one-minute interval, the lofty Wen continued showing up his elevated craft on court and maintained his positive position without letting his rival to put up good show.
Chinese shuttler stayed calm and composed on court and managed to win the set with a comfortable 21-16 score on the board.
In the second set, the higher ranked Abian tried his best to play positive badminton but he badly failed to put up strong show and remained miles behind until the end of opening half.
After the interval, Wen remained on track as he did not show any sign of sluggishness and won the set with a crushing margin of 21-8.
Wen emerged as the title winner after giving a severe treatment to Abian in a lopsided final encounter with a superb 21-16 and 21-8 score on the board.

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