Kamis, 01 November 2012

Next month, fourteen national badminton associations will be crossing their fingers as the Badminton World Federation (BWF) decides on who will win the honours of hosting the next round of the prestigious BWF World Superseries badminton tou
rnaments (see more details here).

Before the BWF hands down its decision on who should host the sport’s top tournaments, we’d like to get your opinion. Seven nations are bidding for the highest-level Superseries Premier tournaments while another seven are keen on hosting the remaining Superseries, with China vying to host one of each. The two unsuccessful SSP bidders will be counted among the ten still hoping to get the nod for one of the remaining seven events.

What hosts should be awarded the next round of Superseries Premier events? (choose 5)
Indonesia (79%, 589 Votes)
England (47%, 347 Votes)
Denmark (45%, 333 Votes)
China (Shanghai) (39%, 288 Votes)
Malaysia (34%, 252 Votes)
Australia (32%, 240 Votes)
Singapore (21%, 158 Votes)

Total Voters: 745


What hosts should be awarded the next round of Superseries events? (choose 7)
Indonesia (Premier bid) (52%, 435 Votes)
Japan (35%, 295 Votes)
France (33%, 274 Votes)
Korea (33%, 273 Votes)
Chinese Taipei (32%, 265 Votes)
Australia (Premier bid) (26%, 214 Votes)
Thailand (23%, 192 Votes)
India (21%, 177 Votes)
Hong Kong (19%, 156 Votes)
Singapore (Premier bid) (18%, 153 Votes)
Denmark (Premier bid) (18%, 151 Votes)
Malaysia (Premier bid) (16%, 130 Votes)
England (Premier bid) (15%, 127 Votes)
China (Guangzhou) (11%, 94 Votes)
China (Shanghai) (Premier bid) (11%, 88 Votes)

Total Voters: 836

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